1. Incitation to applaud

Encouraging the audience to applaud with tricks and tools such as signs reminiscent of silent cinema or that of the auditorium driver, to make the audience react by singing or simply as in Friends show them by sound the moments when they should applaud.

In Omar Porras' latest show "Le conte des contes", the actors encouraged the audience to sing while clapping their hands.

2. Create accident to react the audience

Propose comic accidents in scenes that will make the audience react. The gags are a way to create a link with the audience.

3. Imaginate immersive spaces

Designing immersive spaces to integrate the public, one of the simplest ways to involve them, to feel completely involved in creation to give them an experience through different arts: dance, song, sculpture, digital ...

4. Audience in bi-frontal like a TV show

Propose bi-frontal devices allowing the audience to react as in a TV show, like a play «Je suis un pays», of Vincent Macaigne, also the actor invited a part of the audience to come on stage. A good idea to bring a crowd on stage.

5. To react the audience by social networks

Invite the public to react via social networks like for "Les Tragédies Romaines" of Ivo Van Hove with twitter.

6. Indirect participation

In an idea of an immersive experience, imagining a meal can be a source of indirect participation, which can be milder as an implication.