Assignment:Working together in pairs, create a scenography using Ted Chiang’s text  First read the text and decide if you will stage part of it or all of it, if you will focus on one character or if you will focus on a scene, or the overall scenography. Use the text as a departure point, you also have all of your sketches and work from the first two days, as well as your research questions, and each other, as well as the facilities of the school.

1. For tomorrow morning: Please individually post to the blog some “snapshot” of your work. Sketches, ideas, video, audio, what you like, but just to show how the work is going and what you are thinking about. We will check in as a group tomorrow morning.

2. For end of day tomorrow: Build a Scene!
Be prepared to present it at 3pm. If you chose to build something on-site that is great, but please document (photographs or video) so it can be shared as a post on the blog.

If you have your own way of working that’s fine, if you need a bit more guidance consider putting into practice what we did the first two days: Start with the text, imagine as many possibilities as you can, sketch them, then refine one or two until you are satisfied. Research the specific techniques you will need to execute this vision, then this time follow through as much as possible. Have fun!

Background (For your reference / context):
Drawing Room Play
The original staging and video of the installation
• Nov 11, 2020: 'A Magically Surreal Symbol of Human Ingenuity’
• Dec 1, 2020: The instrument platform of the 305-meter telescope at Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico fell at approximately 7:55 a.m. Atlantic Standard Time on December 1, resulting in damage to the dish and surrounding facilities.