How would you stage ________________?


(search for ‘clap’)


1. Read through the provided links and begin to think about how you might stage this.

2. Develop six ideas: work quickly! A sketch might be a drawing on a piece of paper, if you are more comfortable with digital tools that's fine. In the past we've had people who were really fast with model making and decided to create paper models. If you are at the school you have your atelier, and there is a printer and a photocopier in the library you can use. You can also do impressionistic "mood board" sketches if that makes sense.

3. Create a post on our class website with your six ideas. Title it "Day 1: Stage Direction (Expand)"
The exact contents (text, video, image, all of the above) is entirely up to you, but you should convey a minimum of six possibilities for staging this event. Minimally these should be photos of drawings, but again feel free to take it as far as you can go.

Tomorrow morning you will present your ideas to the group and we will discuss them together.

To create a post:
Go to:

1. Log in with the account you recieved

2. Click "posts" on the left and then "new post"  on the upper right

3. Click "Publish" in the upper right when you are ready

4. To add images, drag them from your dekstop.

5. To add videos from youtube or vimeo, paste the URL and it will automatically create a video player.